Industrial Engineer

Location: Smyrna, TN
Date Posted: 11-06-2018
Performs a variety of engineering assignments in work measurement for the establishment of standards. Plans and oversees utilization of production facilities and personnel in departments or other subdivisions of an industrial establishment. Plans equipment layout, workflow and accident prevention measures to maintain efficient and safe utilization of plant facilities. Plans and oversees work study and training programs to promote efficient personnel utilization. Typically would possess a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
• Analyze internal transportation data to identify cost reduction
opportunities within company supply chain network
• Solicit and analysis supplier transportation data to identify cost
reduction opportunities within Tier 1/N supply chain network
• Utilizing Tier1/N data to identify candidate suppliers for logistic
• Lead project team in supplier activities to identify logistic cost
• Accurately prepare cost study of current condition and
proposed improvement concepts
• Analyze current packaging and propose packaging
improvements in Tier 1/N
• Ability to create effective cost reduction summary
presentations and communicate effectively to internal and
external departments.
• Coordinate projects which includes Idea Generation, Cost
Validation, coordinating internal stakeholders and idea
• Possesses the ability thru good project management skills to
organize, maintain and implement cost reductions proposals
within their responsibility
• Create and maintain internal reports in support of
departmental objectives and KPI’s

Bachelors Degree required

*Minimum Years Experience - 6-10
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